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16.01.2016Ajankohtaista, Blogi, Etusivu, In English

Blog: They don’t know what they are doing

Ten days ago my organization started a boycott campaign towards companies that continue to advertise in a Finnish publication called MV-lehti which is known for promoting hate speech, racist content, false news and misogyny. The site also publishes names and contact information of criminals, which compromises their victims privacy.

Few days later, a majority of Finnish political youth organizations also joined the campaign among tens of thousands of individuals. The boycott has worked and almost all advertisers have fleed from the website. People that have been harassed by this publication have gained courage to fight back and they have reported the incidents to the police. Lue lisää →

06.01.2016Ajankohtaista, Etusivu, In English, Kannanotot, Yleinen

An open letter to companies advertising in a racist, misogynist and hate-speech promoting website

Social democratic students in Finland – SONK has sent the following letter to those companies that either advertise or in some means co-operate with the Finnish MV-lehti-website. The and are propanga pages that promote racism, misogyny and hate speech. Do you want your company to be involved in it? Lue lisää →

25.07.2015Ajankohtaista, Etusivu, In English, Kannanotot

Surucin pommi-isku on hyökkäys ihmisyyttä kohtaan / Bombing in Suruc is an attack against humanity

Surucin pommi-isku on hyökkäys ihmisyyttä kohtaan   

Itsemurhaisku Turkin Surucissa ei ole vain järkyttävä isku sosialidemokraattista ja sosialistista liikettä vastaan, vaan törkeä loukkaus ihmisyyttä ja ilmaisunvapautta kohtaan. Iskun kohteena oli Socialist Youth Associations Federation -niminen järjestö, jonka 300 nuorta oli kokoontunut Suruciin tarkoituksenaan olla mukana auttamassa Syyrian Kobanen kaupungin uudelleenrakentamisessa. Yli 30 ihmistä on kuollut ja 100 haavoittunut tässä ISIS:in tekemässä pommi-iskussa. Terroriteossa on samoja piirteitä kuin Norjan Utøyalla vuonna 2011 tapahtuneessa ampumisessa, jossa myös hyökättiin poliittisten nuorten kimppuun. Lue lisää →

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Blog: Is Greek economy similar to a sinking ship?

Economics view

The Greek debt negotiations are getting closer and closer to a Greek default. Yes the terrifying default. Greek people have been withdrawing billions from Greek banks, making the banks economically weaker. The people, the governments and organizations that have invested and loaned money in Greece will be economically the biggest losers, since they have big economical stakes in the current Greek economy. If I where an investor that hadn’t invested money into Greece, then wouldn’t a Greek default be what I as an new investor need? Think about it, the problem is simply put that the Greek government doesn’t have enough euros coming in to cover the euros going out. The current solution and thinking is to get that lack of income covered by Greece loaning more money. Another option to get that gap between ingoing and outgoing euros is by encouraging outside investment. Company A invest x millions in building of facilities etc to do business in Greece → created wealth and more middle class (aka consumers). What investor would want to invest in a country everyone thinks will eventually default? As an investor my logic would go something like this: “If I invest now, then I will lose that investment in x months when Greece defaults”. So loaning more money to Greece is like a person taking a loan to pay off another loan in the current situation. It is not like Greece hasn’t tried to fix it’s economical mess or that it isn’t paying to it’s mistakes. Lue lisää →

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Charlie Hebdo vs. Garissa University – The Western Double-Standards


Statement 07.04.2015

Charlie Hebdo vs. Garissa University – The Western Double-Standards

Social Democratic Students in Finland – SONK, Social Democratic Youth of Finland – SDY and Social Democratic Students of Sweden – SSF are grieving on behalf of the victims of the Garissa University terrorist attack in Kenya. At least 148 people, mostly students, were killed in an assault by al-Shabab militants at an university in north-eastern Kenya last Thursday 2nd of April 2015. Al-Shabab is a jihadist terrorist group based in Somalia. Lue lisää →